GSoC — Mid Term Evaluation

GSoC — Mid Term Evaluation

So, all GSoCers were eagerly waiting for Mid-Term Evaluation results (27 June 19:00 UTC). Google gives one week (June 20–27) for students and mentors to submit their evaluations. Students who clear evaluations will be rewarded and they can continue to code for next six weeks till the final evaluations!! Most of us cleared mid-term evaluation with flying colors and members activity in our FB group spiked as expected. We were posting our mentor’s feedback. It was fun and exciting to read others feedback too :D

Most of the students would have gone through code reviews & demos before mid-term. My mentors have been very busy and they couldn’t conduct any demos or code reviews. I keep them posted on a weekly basis on the progress made through mailing list and they are very well aware of the features implemented so far.

Yesterday, my mentor was free and we had demo / discussion in hangouts for about one and half hours. My mentor was very happy with the outcome and he also thanked me for my contribution so far and asked to keep up the same pace and complete the project successfully. I felt so happy and humbled that my 6 weeks of hard work is definitely going to make a difference!! We also discussed in detail about the further road map. We are yet to have our code review.

Progress so far:

  • ANTLR 4 grammar support for reading Load balancer specific configurations.
  • Algorithms:

a) Round Robin
b) Random
c) Strict Client IP Hashing
d) Least Response Time
e) Weighted Round Robin
f) Weighted Random

  • Session Persistence:

a) Client IP Hashing
b) Application Cookie
c) LB Cookie

  • Health Checking & Redirection:

a) Active
b) Passive

Todo List:

  • SSL Support — Both SSL Offloading and End To End.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Unit testing.

You can also find detailed list of my progress here under “Mid Term” label of README.

Also find my previous post about writing a good GSoC proposal here.

Thanks for reading !!

Originally published at on July 3, 2016.